Lake Martin Area United Way launches annual fundraiser campaign

Lake Martin Area United Way launches annual fundraiser campaign

By William Marlow Multimedia Reporter, Alexander City Outlook

Aug 28, 2022

It’s a time for giving in Tallapoosa County, with businesses, residents and community leaders soon gathering together to help those most in need.

The Lake Martin Area United Way launched the nonprofit’s 2023 fundraising campaign, announcing that the organization hopes to raise half a million dollars for various local causes and initiatives.

The nonprofit collected just over $500,000 from annual fundraising during 2022, but Executive Director Courtney Layfield announced Thursday, August 25, that the organization will aim even higher this upcoming year at $515,000. “Thank you for being a part of our 2023 campaign kick-off,” Layfield said as she addressed a room of businesses and elected leaders. “It is crazy to think we're already looking ahead to 2023, but because of you and your support, thousands of lives are touched each year.”

United Way 2023 fundraiser campaign kick-off The nonprofit organization held the fundraiser at Central Alabama Community College Thursday, August 25. The fundraiser will support the organization’s 28 agencies spread throughout Tallapoosa and Coosa counties. These agencies spend their time addressing issues relating to education, poverty and hunger.

Since the nonprofit mainly helps eastern Alabama, fundraiser chair Sandra Carlisle dedicated this year’s funding campaign to area residents, with a ‘Because of You’ theme. “Because of you and your donations to United Way we're able to do so much more than we would alone. Because of you, together we can change someone's tomorrow,” Carlisle said.

The organization then discussed previously funded services that benefited the Lake Martin area, with services ranging from disaster relief to youth programs.

Several area businesses participated early this year, pledging over $52,000, which Layfield noted as over 10 percent of the overall goal. “I just want to say we are so excited because that is huge, and a really great start,” she said.