Campaign 2022

Campaigning HAS Looked VERY Different

As we kick off the 2022 Campaign, we had hoped COVID would be a thing of the past, but sadly it it still here. Fundraising during a pandemic is defintely challenging, but we live in a wonderfully giving and supportive community!

Our 2022 Campaign - "Hometown Heroes" - kicked off on Tuesday, August 24 at the Betty Carol Graham Technology Center on the CACC Alex City Campus announcing our goal of $515,000. 

Russell Medical is our Pacesetter (and kickoff sponsor) for this year's campaign. They held "Christmas in July" with several events throughout a 2-week period to get this year's campaign kicked off in festive fashion! We are excited they exceeded their goal and raised $30,882.36!!! Thank you to everyone at Russell Medical that pledged and donated! YOU are our heroes!

We hope to be able to get back into our area businesses this year for traditional workplace campaigns. We also plan to be out and about at community events to help spread the word about United Way and all the great things our 27 agencies and 5 initiatives do for and in our communities.

We are also looking forward to hosting some of our regular fundraisers and planning new ones. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more information and dates for upcoming events. 


Thank you to everyone who pledges, donates and continues to support our United Way. YOUR support means we were able to continue to fund all 27 of our agencies and help them to continue to do the valuable work they do in and for our community.